April, 2010

N.Č.Č.P.Š.S.K – FCI group 5 dog show 24.05.2010

Some good news from Riga! Our Little Lady (SAMITE DIAMOND OF DESIRE O’CHASE) took place in National Chau-Chau and Primitive breed club – FCI 5th group dogs show in Riga. This was the first show for little girl in Junior class! There were 13 samoyeds in total, including dogs from Estonia and Finland. The expert was Mart Mae (Estonia).

Nevertheless the very strikt judge, who gave a lot “very good” marks, and being the yongest  out of 4 competitors, Lady has received Exellent and took PP and second place!
Congradulations to Bodarov Family! This is just the begginning!

International Dog Show “GOLDEN GATE 2010” & “UKRAINE – 2010”


We decided to visit Ukraine. On 17-18.04.2010 there was an 2 days International show in Kiev. Unfortunately, when we come to Belorussia’s border we found that all judges are changed. But that was not the most terrible thing. We sit on UA border 9 hours, and that was not a fun. at 12 o’clock AM we came to the hotel – so tired and so unhappy. But when we came to the show, we found that it is a very nice organized, and it was a big surprise for us. Bouth days was 17 entries.

On first day we was in intermedia class, where was 6 entries.

judge: G. Zhyk (BY)

our results:

AURELIA SMILING MIRACLE – exc 2, r. cac, r cacib

On next day Aurelia participated open class. We are so proud to announce, that we bring back home UA champion.

judge: E. Romonenkova (RUS)