International dog show in Riga, Latvia


judge: Helin Kasuk Tenson EE

Stella – RADOST ZHIZNI IMPERIA OF SMILING MIRACLE  in junior class Excellent

Lady – SAMITE DIAMOND OF DESIRE O’CHASE in champion class Exc-1st place, CQ, BF-1, CACIB, BOB, Crufts qualification 2013





judge: Vitor Manuel Cristovao Viega PT

Kim PRESTIGE MODE SMILE’S MIRACLE (Apollo’s Moonbeam Shadow Of Severnaya – Sam x Belyi Volk Beatris) in open class Excellent-1, CQ, R.CACIB, BM-3

Stella – RADOST ZHIZNI IMPERIA OF SMILING MIRACLE  in junior class Excellent-1st place, PP, JCAC, BF-2

with this our youngster Stella now is Junior Champion of LATVIA, LITHUANIA, ESTONIA, BALTICS and RUSSIA

Lady – SAMITE DIAMOND OF DESIRE O’CHASE in champion class Excellent-1st place, CQ, BF-1, CACIB, BOB, BIG-3rd place