About breed

Breed name: Samoyed, Samoyed dog

Breed Group: Working

Color(s): White, white and biscuit, cream, or all biscuit


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The Samoyed proves to be a friendly and gentle breed, warming up to almost anyone. Very easy going, sweet, and beautiful, this breed takes kindly to almost all people. This breed does not do well as a guard or watch dog, however is highly intelligent.

This huge (Males: 20-32.5 kg; Females 17-25 kg) white, always smiling and sweet Samoyed dogs are incredibly rare breeds of dogs.

Breed History

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The Samoyed dog takes its name from the Samoyed people, a nomadic tribe found in northwestern Siberia. The Samoyed people herded reindeer and used the dogs to help herd the animals, as well as to protect them against the various Arctic predators. The dogs also occasionally helped in hunting bear or pulling sledges. These dogs lived as part of the family within the family tent where one of their additional jobs was to keep the children warm at night.

In the late 1800s, the first Samoyeds were brought to England. Unlike the pure white dogs we think of today, these dogs came in different colors/color combinations. One of these dogs was presented to Queen Alexandria, who did much to promote the breed. Many modern Samoyed pedigrees can be traced back to the queen’s dogs.


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Intelligent, gentle and loyal, Samoyeds enjoy being with their families. Due to their working heritage, they may chase things, run and bark, so it’s best to channel that energy into some kind of job or activity. Otherwise, these independent thinkers may invent ways to keep themselves entertained.

This is a very peaceful breed that tends to be very active. Very loyal, the Samoyed usually favours his master but will be friendly to most people. A very sociable breed, he is not only beautiful but makes a wonderful companion.

This dog has the tendency to bark quite a bit, and will alert you when someone is approaching. Does not do well with smaller and more passive animals, but can do well with cats and other dogs. The Samoyed is very friendly and does well with children.