Amore A Prima Vista Smiling Miracle




sir: Pilgrimage Snow Fall

dam: Belyi Volk Beatris

eyes: checked and clear

hips: A/A; elbows: 0/0

height: 57 cm

breeder: M&J. Parijenko

owner: Aleksander Parijenko

Titles and achievements


Latvian Champion

Lithuanian Champion

Estonian Champion

Baltic Champion

Russian Champion

Belorussian Champion 

Poland Champion

Finnish Champion

Latvian Junior Champion

Lithuanian Junior Champion

Riga Winner 2015

Lithuanian Winner 2012

Latvian Winner 2012

Helsinki Winner 2012

Latvian Junior Winner 2010


(VDzAB animal breeder society) TOP Junior 3rd place of the year 2010


Samite Diamond Of Desire O’Chase

kennel Smiling Miracle LATVIA

d.o.b. 05/12/2011 (5 males & 3 female)


Kenventaki Delight White Lady

ow. D. Gertnere LATVIA

d.o.b. 31/03/2012 (4 male & 2 females)


Tifani Pajurio Zvaigzde

kennel Mažoji Lokė LITHUANIA

d.o.b. 21/08/2012 (3 male & 2 females)


Sonata Actica Valciria O’Umak

kennel Sonata Arctica POLAND

d.o.b. 28/10/2014 (1 female)




 Pilgrimage Snow Fall

A/A 00 eyes-clear

Damirazin Zimzalabim

Samarite Imperial Prince

Kuuran Miss Daisy

White Smile Santa Lucia

Laubuurin Rajaritari

White Smile Una-Luna

Belyi Volk Beatris

A/A 00 eyes-clear

Angel Ayona Dorian

Ikoliikkujan Prince’s Pride

Angel Ayona Abigail

Belyi Volk Yahroma

Belyi Volk Bubnovy Tuz


Photo Gallery

Amore @ CH Gala Show in Tallinn, LV  January 2016

Amore @ IDS in Minsk, BY  February 2013

Amore @ IDS in Helsinki, FI  December 2012

Amore @ SPEC in Saldus, LV  January 2012

Amore @IDS in Riga LV June 2012

Amore @ NDS in Palanga LT May 2011

Amore @ NDS in Ventspils LV September 2009