Puppy Questionnaire

Puppy Questionnaire

All who would like to receive a puppy, we kindly ask to fill in questionnaire for us to get better idea about your possibilities to own samoyed dog. All information will be automatically submitted to kennel owner and used only for the contact with new potential puppy owner. Please use this form to add comments and any questions you might have for us. We will get back to you shortly.

Your name


Street, town, index, country



1. Please tell us about your family - married, not married, children... What kind of sports you are doing, hobbies etc.

2. Which pets you have at home? Please introduce them to us - how many, who, age etc.

3. Did you had dogs before? Breed? How long they lived? Please tell us about them.

4. Do all members of family like to get a dog?

 Yes No Mixed opinion

5. Are you ready to take responsibility for a dog, who lives 10-14 years next to you?

 Yes No

6. Are you seeking a ...

 Female Male Flexible I`d like to discuss, not sure jet

7. How many hours per day you or your family can dedicate to puppy in general ? Walkings, feeding, play...

8. Approximately how much of family budget you have planned for a dog? Food, grooming, toys, veterinary services, dogshows...

Per month?

Per year?

9. Would you be willing to take your dog to obedience classes or other acitivities?

 Yes, I will No, not necessary I will teach myself Other

Please let us know of your other ideas...

10. How many hours in general puppy has to be alone at home and where you plan to place him for that time?

11. Do you primarily desire that your puppy will spend most of his daytime...

 Outdoors Indoors Out- and indoors

12. Where you place puppydog for night?

 Outdoors in kennelhouse Indoors with family

13. What type of residence do you live in currently?

 City house City apartment Countryside house Countryside apartment Other

Please discribe other variants...

14. In case when you live in rented apartment or house, do you have permission from property owners and neighbours to own a dog?

 Yes No

15. Is your property/place of living fenced securely?

 Yes, we have strong and secure fence Yes, we have fence, but needs fixing No, we plan to erect fence No, I do not have and no plans for fence No, my dog can run freely in neighborhood We have dogkennel in yard I will walk our dog on leash We plan to tie out my dog We plan to use electric fence Other

Please discribe other possibilities

16. Which answers best descrie your aspirations for your new dog?

 Friend and family pet Attending dogshows and breeding Sportdog for various activities Other

If you do not mind, then we would be happy to know all other aspirations in advance...

17. In case when your dog is not used for breeding purpose, not attending shows and he is only as a family pet for you, then do you agree to castrate/sterilize your dog when he/she is 6-12 months old?

 Yes No

18. In case when your family is going to have changes in everydaylife (for example newborn child, changing the living place or work, divorce etc.), how it affects your dog?

19. Do you have veterinary who you are visiting already?

 Yes No

If yes, then who is your veterinary?

20. How you were referred to Kennel Smiling Miracle and samoyed dogs?

21. Your comments and questions to us:

Thank you for Your interest in Kennel Smiling Miracle puppies!