Litter “C”

Date of Birth: September 12th, 2012

1 Males, 2 Females
Dad: Pilgrimage Imperial Henry
Mom: Belyi Volk Beatris

d.o.b. 06.11.2005

hips: AA; elbows: 00

eyes: clear

ow: Terje Vilberg

breeder: Ello Pulk

d.o.b. 14.09.2006

hips: AA; elbows: 00

eyes: clear

ow: Marina Parijenko

breeder: Tatiana Evgrafova


 Pilgrimage Imperial Henry

A/A 00 eyes-clear

Samarite Imperial Prince

Lucky Dexter Of Zamoyski

Pykra Spring Princess

White Smile Santa Lucia

Laubuurin Rajaritari

White Smile Una-Luna

Belyi Volk Beatris

A/A 00 eyes-clear

Angel Ayona Dorian

Ikiliikkujan Prince’s Pride

Angel Ayona Abigail

Belyi Volk Yahroma

Belyi Volk Bubnovy Tuz



Smiling Miracle Cesare Imperiale New Zealand
Smiling Miracle Celestial Joy Estonia
Smiling Miracle Cotton Candy Italy